advertising campaign

Destination Guinee Conakry

Daye Voyage travelling agency

Riding on the King's high way

Heineken open your world

Heineken cold refreshing drink

The iconic global drink

Scotching Red Hot - Johnnie Walker

Paint the town Red / Johnnie Walker

Enjoy fishing

Protect and conserve living Aquatic resources

It's all Yours

The Obvious Red - Mercedes Benz

Black with attitude

Guinness filled with nature

Black Foreign Extra - Guinness

Flying the skies is our first love

Above the sky scrappers - Alvin Ailey

Don't hit the slopes without insurance

Ski Insurance: do I really need it ?

Why dance ?


Lift the spirit - Alvin Ailey

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Chilling Coke - Coca-Cola


Grab it - Coca-Cola

Grab the Coke

Vacation treat

Vacation treat 2