babatunde banjoko-graphics studio is a formal creative production studio based
in Paris, offering a unique and efficient impacting, creative imagery in advertising.
We continue to adapt to the changing, market environment demands.

Our work ethic, coupled with our technical and creative abilities, enable us to respond in real time, to our client's request. Our solutions take into consideration, the client's budget and the finished product delivery timeframe. We lend you our ears all the time, and guide you with our eyes, through the difficult decisions you'll make, in making your vision a reality.

We are abreast of the latest technology, and we evolve continuously. We've developed a style and approach of our own, which encourages much flexibility in building and maintaining lasting client relationship.

Our expertise in all areas of Graphic and image production, right from the Creative lead,  Project direction, Photoshoot,  Photo retouchingCreative photo manipulation, Job completionQuality controland Finish product delivery make us that reference. Truly, we love this challenge.

With that being said, we help with your Project Management. Creative projects don't spontaneously execute themselves. Our creative team guide, finesse and handle your project management responsibility. Thus assure you meet your predefined goals, and bring about beneficial change.

Our production course embraces advertising Photography. We work closely with each client to give that high-quality digital photography required. We have the in-house capabilities to deliver high-quality images without constraints and we are passionate about producing images of the highest standards in partnership with all potential clients, startups, global agencies and brands. As partners, we have a handful of top professional photographers, who are always ready to join forces with us at all times.

As you will see, integrating CGI elements with photography, with our distinct twist, to create a unique photocomposition, is possible within our structures. We search for the most suitable lighting, shadows, perspectives and textures to make a compelling, realistic, final image composition, from a mixture of 2D and 3D concepts.  Our CGI department is reinforced by external 3D associates.

CGI  exploration starts with your concept. CGI stands for "Computer Generated Imagery" which encompass all forms, both 2d and 3d designs. We will work with you from the commence to the utmost concern in getting you the realism desired, after a few short meetings. The extent of the realism in our projects shows our knowledge of the program and the time we spend on the models. We do adapt to all clients specific needs.

3D images and conceptions deal with wireframe or mesh. Our team of 2D graphic designers and 3D graphic artists love the challenge. In our pursuit of perfection in our specialized fields, we are abreast of evolutionary designer tools. 

Think Photo retouch, makes us worry to deliver the best quality creative finishing which marvels the eyes. Our attention to details, photo-realism, and physical realism, are results of years of research of specific techniques, to produce highly focused visual impacting effects. At babatunde banjoko-graphics studio, we believe small is beautiful, we believe simple is a great virtue, we believe spacious is healthy. We aim to be as flexible as possible, in our professional dealings and clients confidentiality is quite important to us. Our team can deliver your finished works to any country, name it. We do work on small and large format prints.  

Our ideal. At babatunde banjoko-graphics studio, we find joy in what we do, we are inspired by the world around us, we love retouching those fashion pictures, we want to be part of your publicity campaigns, we're quite eager to see the print end result on that glossy or matte papers. We're happy to see potential readers buy off the shelves those magazines with beautiful pictures. Taking pictures of shoes and dining plates is such a thrill.

We have a lot of respect for those makers of those fancy, stylish home and office furniture. We love art, for art is life. Call us up, and come see us, we will be glad to get your works done. We understand the need for constant professionalism and you can rely on us.


fright of the predator

Live scene Advertising Photography -Models: Paul Simpson, Jane Cooper,
Evelyne Bernard \ Photography and Photo retouching: 
babatunde banjoko

3D wireframe skeletal representation of the below night club, by  Bruno Aubé 

Restaurant and night club interior, wood floor, red brick walls, photos and frames,
lamp lights and green walls in 3D modeling, Textures, materials, lighting and
photography retouch:
 Bruno Aubé